I am an hybrid social scientist who has been dwelling for years in the exciting land of custom Web development. After graduating in social research methods, I started working as a web analyst and project manager, especially with Open Source CMSs,  shaping contents and templates, writing specs, designing workflows and also dealing with backlogs and users feedback.

In 2012 I enrolled in a MA in User Experience aiming to improve my design process.  Since there I have been freelancing as a UX & IA consultant. I enjoy bringing projects to life: envisioning, understanding, analysing and putting user centered processes in place. I usually collaborate with design and development teams building service models, information architectures and wireframes.

I still do some coding (sort of), make prototypes,  participate in team facilitation, brainstorming and design strategy. My aim is to keep doing all this, enriching it with even more research.

In a team I usually provide an interesting mix of pragmatism and abstraction, making use of a humanistic background, technical knowledge, love for aesthetics, an eye for business and a collaborative approach.

Not to mention a natural talent for punchlines.