Plone is an enterprise level open source cms which allows to build robust content-centric applications:websites, intranets and extranets. It offers security, scalability, accessibility and approachability for the end users and an extremely sophisticated workflow system

These are some of the projects I had the pleasure to contribute to while working with Reflab , a Plone company based in Pisa and operating with bussinesses and organizations worldwide.

Logistic Cluster Website

UNJLC Logistic ClusterThe Logistic Cluster is an inter-agency service whose mission is to coordinate the logistics capabilities of humanitarian organizations in large-scale operations or in complex emergencies.

The global Logistics Cluster website plays a key role in the information management, preparing and receiving logistics information for field operators.

The site is the main source of information delivery for the Cluster: we have worked together with the Cluster team to constantly increase the usability of the site both for visitors and the HQ staff, archieving significant results. An improved organization of the resources now respond to the need of fast information delivery, easy reading, easy sharing.

(WFP GLSC – World Food Program , Roma) –

Project management, migration management, setup, testing, support.

MSF International Intranet

MSF Spain, Barcellona –  [reserved access]

MSF international intranetMedicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) is an humanitarian independent organization that provides medical and humanitarian help in about 63 countries around the world.

The new MSF International Intranet – codename Tukul 2, is the main collaboration tool for hundreds of users in the MSF network. MSF choose Plone to migrate its Intranet to open technologies and to broaden the range of features offered to its users.

Tukul 2 has been created applying user-center-design principles; it is fully coherent with the MSF brand, it has a very neat and readable interface, and it offers different styles of navigation designed around users need and behaviour. The new MSF Intranet features include a Facebook-style user directory, an intelligent usage of metadata, the innovative multilngual files management features, working spaces for open groups and various tools for information sharing and management. It also offers a “light” version for mobile devices and limited resources connections.

Project management, project analysis, testing, support, training for site administrators.



DEMAGORA is a Policy Management System built to facilitate decision-making processes between people in a community or group. It is built around the concept of sharing and voting specific content objects called Proposals.


Concept, service design, information architecture, demo project. 

Misura PA

Lattanzio&Associati, Roma –

Data repository for performance indicators for the Italian Public Administration and community for the exchange of best practices and methodologies.

Project analysis and management, site setup, testing, development integration. 


Agroteam consulting  –

Project management, site building, testing, distance training support

Turismo La Spezia

Provincia La Spezia –

Project analysis and management, site setup, site testing, on-site training, support


Fondazione CEUR, Bologna –
oject analysis, workflow design, site setup, testing, support, onsite training for content managers and site administrators. 

GUT Edizioni

GUT Milano –

Project management, extended testing, support.