menu2Information design for a  set of icons intended to make it easy for consumers to identify the type of product offered by a restaurant, bar, bistrot or food shop. The goal is to enable citizen and tourist to distinguish at a glance a place which is equipped with kitchen and self-made food from those who rely on external catering or are serving heated frozen food.

The client is the FIPE association of restaurant owners  in Lucca, in agreement with the municipality and other associations.
The approved images will be part of the official regulations for food shops and restaurants for the city of Lucca, with an obligation to be clearly displayed over the menu.

The challenge was to communicate a new concept instantly, without having a recognized symbol, and to allow the rise of a new standard.
The icons needed to be visible at a distance, but also to be small in size in order to allow easy integration on each menu and a bilingual caption was required.

Following the brief a “dish-ey” shape has been choosen, while the tone of the captions has been adjusted and made ​​more concise  At the semantic level we have tried to convey a positive or neutral visual message, in order to encourage adoption and acceptance.


  • Project management: Eleonora Borelli
  • Information design: Eleonora Borelli, Cristina Bedini
  • Graphic design: Cristina Bedini