Analysis and research – UX tools to design forms of┬álearning and collaboration

Exploring and understanding work practices of a group of higly qualified functionaires working in the Italian Civil Aviation Authority offices in order to help designing an e-learning plaform and fostering the growth of a collaborative culture. Participants have been involved from the beginning in this project, adopting an User Centered approach. Their relations and routines were analyzed to provide a better comprehension of good practices and pain-points.

Activities and Deliverables

  • Planning of the interviews
  • 30 Narrative interviews with functionnaires
  • Analysis of transcripts and field data
  • Mapping of the communication flow of the organization
  • Mapping of the workplace with phisical and organizational connection points
  • Mapping and analysis of the existing tools for working and communicating
  • Creation of User Ethnographic Maps
  • Creation of Three main Personas
  • Creation of four “Activity Diagrams”, describing the model of the activities in each of the offices involved
  • Creation of a collective Affinity Diagram (Mental Model); selection of the relevant mental spaces and gap analysis
    Data report
  • Concept proposals

Team: IdeAct Lab, SapienzaInnovazione, Glaux

Role: UX specialist, Research team coordinator

Deliverables from this project are confidential.