IA/UI Redesign – Monitoring system for healthcare operators.

wm-B2-dettaglio-paziente-storico_4Winmedical is a wireless system for real time monitoring of the patients vital signs through a wearable device.
Data are accessed by healthcare operators through a dedicated web application.

The challenge was to expand the UI including the growing set of features of the wearable sensors system, while making a step forward in usability and also keeping compliant to the complex medical protocol rules. First-hand user data were not available, so hypotheses and heuristics had to be adopted. An user-research plan is proposed for the next milestone of the project.

Activities & Deliverables:

  • Discussion with development and engineering teams, trainers, salespersons
  • Reconstruction of the user flow
  • Analysis of existing UI elements and corresponding use cases
  • Collaborative sketching
  • Rationalization of the primary IA
  • Wireframing
  • Presentation and review of alternatives


Client: Winmedical (monitoring system)

Designed with: 3logic (software development)